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A Cavalcade of Tips, Tricks, Hacks and General Useful Stuff using Qlik Sense's APIs A fun, casual session exploring the outer edges of what's possible with Qlik Sense's APIs. 45 mins
Achieving enterprise scale with Qlik Sense across the healthcare revenue cycle One in six hospitals in the United States use SSI Group to process healthcare claims. SSI processes over 680 million claims annually worth over $1 trillion dollars. SSI had a traditional data warehouse that scaled horizontality, achieving scale was cumbersome requiring expensive hardware. SSI redesigned the approach by creating a framework for massively scalable revenue cycle analytics. Data source scalability was achieved through the use of modern data extraction, cleansing, and sharding (horizontal partitioning) of the data warehouse. Qlik Sense scalability was achieved through designing a centralized multi-tenant solution, automation of deployment, use of Qlik’s Management Console, open APIs, Qlik Branch, and user community. Assisting SSI was an emerging company in data analytics, data engineering and data science. 45 mins
Actual Reality Driving informed business decisions by combining Big and Thick Data to understand not what people say, but what they actually do. Attend this session to learn how to bring together the insights gained through data science from Big Data, Events and Actions and the insights gained through human science from Thick Data, Meaning and Context. 45 mins
Address Big Data Analytic challenges with Qlik’s On Demand App Generation (ODAG) offering In this session you will learn about considerations and options for connecting Qlik to Hadoop including details of options to accelerate data ingestion into Qlik for optimal insights. A deep dive on Qlik’s built in On Demand App Generation offering with a detailed look into how the process works will be provided. A number of different “how to” examples will be shown with example script and applications. We will also showcase customer example(s) of on demand app generation (ODAG) working with a variety of data sources and the value it brings to Qlik customers. 45 mins
A deeper look into Qlik Sense Cloud Business (QSCB) Take a more detailed tour through our latest new Cloud subscription offering. Learn who is using Qlik Sense Cloud Business, for what, and why did they choose it? Learn how it is similar and how it is different than Qlik Sense Enterprise. Get the details of how security and data sovereignty, back up and recovery are addressed, and hear what is coming next. 45 mins
Advanced analytics in FS using R with Qlik Sense Advanced Analytics Integration Steven Pressland will be running a hands on workshop showing how to use Advanced Analytics Extensions to execute advanced analytical models in R. The results of these models will dynamically update Qlik Sense objects in real time. Examples will be shown for banking and insurance. 45 mins
Advanced Analytics with Qlik: Calling out to R and Python with Qlik Sense Join us as we do a technical deep dive into how to configure Qlik Sense to call out to 3rd party data engines such as R and Python. We will cover the architectural fundamentals, data connectivity, call out from the script and from chart expressions, and presenting the suits back in your Qlik Sense app. We will do all of this within the context of multiple real world examples of business use cases that can be solved by applying advanced analytics algorithms. 45 mins
Advanced perspectives: Moving from QlikView to Qlik Sense Mashups and the Organizational Impact Qlik is just one piece of the puzzle. Abbvie’s field sales teams access 60+ tools during the month. It’s important to show end users the complete picture in a way that’s intuitive. In this session, Abbvie will discuss how they have implemented a deep integration with QlikView, Veeva (CRM), Reltio (MDM), their Call Planning system and their sales portal. They will talk about their expansion to Qlik Sense Mashups and the impact it had on their applications, their organization and their processes. In the session, participants will see several advanced Qlik apps developed in QlikView, Qlik Sense and Mashups. 45 mins
Advantages of the QIX Engine and the associative experience You have of course heard about our "QIX engine" and the "Associative experience". This is your opportunity to gain a richer understanding of why these make Qlik truly unique and how it can solve business problems that other products can’t. 45 mins
AGCO Corporation: Harvesting Multiple Data Sources “Everyone had their own measurement when we got started, there were multiple versions of the truth. This was why we created the C-DIVE: Commercial – Data Insights Visualization Engine app. It enables AGCO to better track commercial activities as well as our ability to execute our marketing and sales plan, helping us to achieve our retail and market share targets.” Check out how AGCO’s Director, Advanced Technology Solutions and Commercial Strategic Initiatives Eric Lescourret have put together more then 25 different data sources and standardize the way the company analyzed that data with Qlik. 45 mins
Analytical Aggregations and Distributions: How to Build and Interpret Data With the vast amount of data being produced in our day and age, it can be difficult to understand how to aggregate and build that data in an analysis. Which should I use, a median or mean? Does it matter? What does the standard deviation show me and what is a normal distribution? What is probability and what are probability distributions? Buckle your seatbelts as you go up and down the bell curve of a normal distribution, and join this session to expand your knowledge regarding analytical aggregations, and to help improve your ability to understand distributions. 45 mins
Announcing Qlik Sense Mobile iOS – never be disconnected from your data! With our new Qlik Sense Mobile iOS application your users can experience the full power of Qlik Sense even when they are disconnected from the internet. In this exciting breakout session we discuss common offline mobile analytics use cases, demonstrate the latest product capabilities, and give you the details you need to know in order to prepare and get started with our new Qlik Sense Mobile iOS application. Join us for this session and make sure you are never disconnected from your data again. 45 mins
An Overview of Qlik’s Data Strategy Learn about Qlik’s innovative data strategy around Qlik Sense ranging from Connectivity to Big Data. We preview the latest connectivity and plans around connectivity services; visual data preparation with data profiling and added insights into data at "prep time"; efforts to increase and simplify reuse of data through Qlik DataMarket and the upcoming Global Library; and how Qlik can handle complex big data sets through ODAG and other technologies, including Big Data indexing and IoT capabilities. 45 mins
An SAP Connectivity Deep Dive: maximize your investment This session will provide an understanding of Qliks connectivity options to SAP today, as well as providing an opportunity to get an understanding of the direction around maximizing your SAP investment. Such as: How Qlik has simplified connectivity to your existing SAP investment with new connectivity options simplifying data loading from BW. Learn about our roadmap and existing support around the most up to date SAP technology, including SAP HANA, S/4HANA and BW/4HANA. Learn about utilizing Qlik on demand app generation with SAP Certified HANA connectivity. Support for SAP ECC, BW, HANA & NetWeaver 7.5 45 mins
Applied AI in a Very Real World Data is everywhere - and the demand is constantly growing for this data to be gathered more widely, more quickly, and with more business value than ever before. One of the hottest areas of business interest is Artificial Intelligence - which needs data insights to succeed. Since we have too much data and not enough analysts, AI will address the gap and allow dramatically new business models to emerge. In this presentation, Cognizant will describe the interplay between data integration, AI, opportunity discovery, prioritization, and execution in the AI space and the role of visualizations using Natural Language Processing. The presentation will send you well equipped to lead AI as the next major transformation of your business and your industry. 45 mins
Appreciation Event You don’t need predictive analytics to know that this is THE party to attend. This fun-packed night of mixing and mingling has always been a crowd pleaser; from costume and karaoke contests to live bands and photo booths, you will have a blast. Indulge in the open bar, nosh on fantastic food, and be part of whatever contests are planned (it is too soon to divulge all of the fun). 4 Hours
Automotive Dealer Performance Automotive brands work with a large and complex ecosystem of dealers, which requires the association of data from multiple data sources. See how Qlik provides visibility into a typical Automotive dealership performance analysis. Discover unique sales patterns and understand demands better. Though the data may be Automotive related, it is still relevant for dealer analysis across other industries like industrial and electronics. 30 Min
Avoid Stock Shortages, Production Downtime with Real-Time Material/Parts Monitoring & Replenishment Get the when, where, how and what - before it impacts production operations - and on one single dashboard, allowing you to make decisions with impact in minutes. For organizations where stock shortages, and the resulting production downtime, have notable impact on profitability & customer relations, the continuous monitoring of material coverage and replenishment is key. With real-time materials tracking, supply chain managers can obtain end-to-end visibility on goods in transit, in arrival and in stock. The result? An ability to make informed decisions with critical impact to operations. Join this session to see a comprehensive solution for Parts and Materials Monitoring & Replenishment that provides real time insights. Equipped with alerts and flexible reports – this solution will help you monitor and control your supply chain from supplier to distribution to plant, assuring never too much (and never too little) is residing in your warehouse. 45 mins
B2B Social Marketing & Selling Startup Guide Social media marketing is where a brand engages a wide audience, aiming to increase overall brand awareness and/or promote a specific product or service by producing content that users will share with their network. Social selling concentrates on producing focused content and providing one-to-one communication between the salesperson and the buyer. Both strategies create valuable content from the consumer's perspective and use similar social networks and social software tools. Many B2B organizations encounter common issues when implementing a social marketing or social selling program. We've developed a "startup guide" to address these issues and help Qlik partners and customers go from social zeroes to social heroes. 30 Min
Balancing Agility & Governance at Scale – Applying technology to automate changing user needs Join our technical session to learn how we approached the development of a configurable dashboard product, Performance Compass, which allows business users to rapidly prototype their changing KPI needs while maintaining a robust governed approach. This was successfully deployed to Operational Leaders across multiple geographies. We’ll discuss the technology behind our Visual Order Form, Dashboard Template and Mart Generation components and demonstrate the end-to-end process which enables us to deliver multiple, specialized versions using mass-customization to a large user population. 45 mins
Balancing Governance and Self-Service without Compromise All too often governance and self-service are talked about as two opposing forces with IT focused on governance and the business focused on self-service. This traditional thinking is being modernized due to visual analytics platforms. Through a combination of technologies and new perspectives, business are becoming the champions of governance and IT are becoming the champions of self-service. This change in perspective is freeing up organizations from “IT vs Business” grid lock and enabling everyone to achieve their strategic goals. Learn why this is happening and what it takes to make the change to have governed self-service without compromise. 45 mins
Becoming a Data Driven Organisation KPI’s matter in the airline industry. On time performance and operational excellence are critical factors contributing to the success of an airline. Please join Qantas, Australia's largest airline, to understand their journey into self-service data discovery with Qlik Sense in the cloud which empowers business users to make better decisions rapidly to improve on-time performance, increase customer satisfaction, and manage financial compliance 45 mins
Behind the curtains at R&D - Q&A It is not often you get to find out what happens behind the curtains at Qlik's R&D. Here is your chance! You will find the technical experts, in one room and ready to take your questions. Send your questions to for more preparedness or ask them on the spot. 45 mins
Best Practices in Procurement: Category Management Want to make better use of your procurement data to more quickly determine customer needs, assess supplier information, and understand overall trends in category spend? We use Qlik Sense to transform data into intelligence-based insights that are actionable towards improved performance, streamlined operations, and strategic decision making. In this session, we will combine government-specific procurement data with advanced visualization techniques to demonstrate practical solutions that are easily adoptable across agencies. Participants will learn from real-life examples utilizing data analytics to transform procurement operations. Specifically, through a hands-on learning experience participants will learn how to answer the following questions: How large is my spend across unique categories and subcategories? How has the amount of spend fluctuated over the past 3-5 fiscal years? What are the spending trends in those categories? Who are my buyers? What are the characteristics of my buyer community? Which vendors and contracts are buyers using? What specific products and services are being purchased in my category? Who are my suppliers? What are the characteristics of my supplier base? How much am I utilizing small business? What procurement solutions are most heavily utilized? 45 mins
Best Practices in Visualization with Qlik Sense Join this session to learn a variety best visualization practices using Qlik Sense with the objective to make information and insight easily consumable, engaging and enjoyable. We will concentrate on the concepts around how data visualizations can best be presented, the user experience of an app and the design of an app. By using these techniques you can create compelling apps that will undoubtedly help drive adoption of Qlik Sense and therefore the return on your investment for data. This session is aimed for anyone from a developer publishing, to a large community of users, to someone doing self-service visualization that wants to engage, influence and analyze their business problems. 45 mins
Big Data Analytics with Qlik & Splunk Splunk is generally used as a machine data/log analytics platform and has a powerful search index that can hold massive amounts of information. This can be web server logs, device logs from millions/billions of users, etc. One thing it lacks is the visualization and interactivity available in the Qlik product suite. In this session we'll present how to integrate the two technologies to create a world-class solution for analyzing big data on top of log files with Qlik. 45 mins
Biogen Empowers Strategic, Analytical and Operational Personas with a Single Consolidated Qlik Sense App Biogen uses Qlik Sense to consolidate data from disparate sources, replacing manual Excel-based processes and providing powerful visual perspectives on franchise performance, product launch, market share, patient evolution, competitive and market insight and financial with comparison to budget or plans. They consulted with visual and user-experience designers to create an intuitive application that supports guided self service with a focus on end user empowerment and education. All applications follow clear standards and embed links to support systems, teaser videos, learning modules and various other resources. In this session, Biogen will showcase the application and show how they use Story Telling and other features to address questions in Commercial leadership meetings in real time. 45 mins
Book Winning Deals with EASE! Join us as we take you through how to book a deal with ease using the new Qlik Partner Portal and Configure, Price and Quoting tool. During this demo we will show you what you need to know and what you need to do from beginning to end to have a world class experience that is simple, predictable and profitable. 30 Min
Broadening the Reach of Analytics through Collaboration For most people in an organization data analysis isn't the main focus of their daily job. At the same time these people can greatly benefit from exposure to the results of data analytics. Learn how Qlik is building functionality into our software to enable data consumers to better access, share, discuss, and find actionable data driven information. 45 mins
Build a Qlik Application using new smart data load capabilities like profiling metrics, buckets, ordering and more This workshop will cover a series of new data preparation techniques which do not require any Qlik scripting knowledge, these will include. • Connection to source data sets with data previews • Profiling of data types to automatically recognize date fields with auto generation of fiscal measures • Profiling metrics to help you analyses the range of your data • Custom ordering of your data • Ability to group data items by value 1hr 45min
Build a Server side Extension This Hands on session will take attendees through how to build a server side extension. Using the supplied computers attendees the session covers how the feature works, examples of integrating QIX with Python and R. 2hr 45min
Building a Single Source BI-Platform at T. Rowe Price with the Qlik Sense API's Harvest is an investment decision support platform that delivers management dashboard, data discovery and static reporting needs to a global investment staff of 1200 through a responsive web-interface designed for multiple devices. Through the use of Qlik Sense embedded analytics and the API's, we have built a single source BI-Platform that is capable of bringing all of our BI & Reporting solutions under one hub. In this session we will review the platform and it’s capabilities, user engagement and take a look under the hood at how it's built. We hope to leave attendees with a better understanding of the technology and skills needed to build a custom web-based BI platform. 45 mins
Building the Business Case for Qlik Are you a Qlik Champion? Would you like to learn how you can better advocate for Qlik in your own company? This session will focus on not only the core value of Qlik but how it compares to other options in the marketplace, TCO, and an intro to value engineering assets. 45 mins
Build your first NPrinting project Build an NPrinting project based on QlikView and Qlik Sense apps to deliver scheduled reports through various distribution channels. Learn how to manage recipients and filters to deliver the appropriate slices of data to the appropriate people. 1hr 45min
Business Analytics as a Natural Part of IKEA’s Performance Culture Business Analytics is a natural part of IKEA’s performance culture, creating a clear focus of moving from data to fact-based decisions. IKEA is on a journey of increasing the business value of our data through our BI-platform based on Qlik, focusing on delivering business understanding and insights through analytics in every part of our value chain, and thereby supporting business decisions. 45 mins
Business Analytics Market Trends & Dynamics A confluence of trends in 2017 will make Phoenix rise from the ashes and move us from the post-fact era towards a more enlightened data literacy age. Just like literacy moved from scholars to everyone 100 years ago, we need to go through the same shift for analytics to be ushered into the digital industrial age. 45 mins
Certification Testing Certification Testing 2 Hours
Certification Testing (Thursday) Certification Testing 1 Hour
Cloud Blueprint architecture for a Multi-node deployment of Qlik Sense Enterprise on AWS Thinking about migrating workloads and data to the cloud???? Come and learn from analytics experts demonstrating the blueprint architecture for a multi-node deployment of Qlik Sense Enterprise on AWS with scaling to minimize costs and faster time to value. In addition to exploring opportunities to take advantage of high availability and scalability across availability zones within an AWS region. Moderated by Elite Partner Analytics8 , this session addresses all aspects of deployment, including adding nodes, dispersing the workload across servers, assigning roles for servers as you scale out QlikSense, and automatically shutting down instances and re-starting them for cost savings. 45 mins
Competitive Market Analytics: Shining an External Lense on an Internal Business Hitting business plans and sales targets doesn’t always mean success. This is an example of how Qlik has provided deeper insights into the financial achievements of a large corporation, and how it compares to its peers in the same industry. 45 mins
Configure and Deploy Governed Self Service with Qlik Sense In this hands on session, Qlik Sense administrators will implement a Governed Self-Service (GSS) deployment. Attendees will learn guiding principles for planning GSS, techniques for managing scale, and go hands on with a reference configuration. Upon completion, administrators will have knowledge and confidence to design and deploy a governed self-service Qlik Sense site in your organization. 1hr 45min
Connecting with Social Media, Cloud-Based and other Third-Party Data Sources Organizations have data sources everywhere, but unfortunately, many still struggle to fully leverage the wealth of data contained in their internal systems, let alone tackle the huge untapped potential in external data sources. Learn how Qlik Connectors, which includes Qlik Web Connectors, provide real-time connectivity to a wide variety of data sources - from databases and applications to websites and cloud-based services - to allow organizations to gain extensive insight into what was once divergent data. 45 mins
Connectivity How Tos: Qlik Sense REST API Connector As data becomes available through online services using Rest interfaces and APIs, the format data is returned varies by provider, and has unique complexities. In this session, learn how to wire up data feeds to online interfaces using Qlik Connectors, handle security considerations, and load data in a useful manner. 45 mins
Conversational Bots for Qlik - A chat interface to analytics Do you want to see new level of embedded analytics? Here you can see how chat bots use the Qlik platform to assist users in their daily tasks, providing analytics in a easy to consume way. 45 mins
Correlation vs. Causation: does it really imply causation? There is a common saying in the analytical world: correlation does not mean causation. What does this mean? What is the correlation coefficient? How do correlation and causation work? Throughout this session we will discuss the analytical concepts of correlation and causation, discuss the importance of correlation in the world of analytics, and help attendees understand potential implications of assuming that correlation means causation. Come join us to walk through this fascinating and important analytical topic. 45 mins
Creating Compelling Maps and Advanced GeoAnalytics in Qlik Sense and QlikView Space the final frontier… One of the most important and powerful keys to better understanding your business problems is exploring and visualizing the geospatial relationships contained in your data. Join us as we discuss how best to harness the geospatial components of your data in helping you solve common business problems. In this session we will explore different types of geospatial visualizations available from with Qlik software, when best to use each type of geospatial visualization, and how to quickly and easily create your own compelling maps. We will also explore several common business problems and see real world examples of how they can be addressed through geospatial mapping and analysis in Qlik GeoAnalytics software. 45 mins
Customer Lunch - Birds of a Feather Come and network with your peers! Birds of a Feather Customer Luncheon Topics & Table Assignments Topic Area Table Assignments INDUSTRIES Financial Services 1, 2, 3 Healthcare 4, 5, 6 Retail/Wholesale/Consumer Products 7, 8, 9 Services 10, 11 Government (including higher education) 12 Manufacturing, High Tech and Supply Chain 13,14 Life Sciences 15 OEM 16, 17, 18, 19 FUNCTIONS Finance/CFO 20 REGIONS EMEA 21 APAC 22 LATAM 23 Canada 24 West 25 Central 26 East 27 TOPICS Big Data & IOT 28 Embedded Analytics & APIs 29 Governance & COE 30 90 Minutes
Data Driven Decision Making in Radiology The introduction of Qlik for decision making at the Rochester Regional Health Radiology group allowed them to extract, organize, and display data to quickly address changing needs. With the new ability to identify volume patterns they adjusted modality-specific staffing and start/end times to better support the Emergency Department. In Interventional Radiology they now better understand volume challenges based on referral patterns and room utilization. They use this system to establish block times in shared exam spaces. In addition, they used this analysis tool to track turn-around times and demonstrate performance to goal. Qlik analytics has allowed Executives and Business Analysts to find data patterns that were not previously visible, improving patient care, created efficiencies and expanded services in Radiology. 45 mins
Data Driven Digital Transformation for Professional & Business Services Join this session to hear how many organisations around the globe are leveraging innovative analytics to drive success in their digital transformation strategies. In this session, we will explore a wide range analytics encompassing: • Human Resource Management • Resource Planning, Productivity, Utilization & forecasting Availability • Complex Billing techniques • etc. We will see how various techniques can be used in practical settings to drive genuine business value. Finally, we will close with some examples where customers have successfully delivered compelling data and analytics strategies within Professional Services. 45 mins
Data Ingestion and Mapping for Meaningful Analytics In today’s data intensive environment, gaining access to data is the tip of the iceberg. We will discuss methods to ingest, munge, map, profile, and load data into meaningful Qlik dashboards. Two use cases will be covered: Manipulating dummy data in order to demonstrate analytics dashboards in a meaningful way for various compliance based population risk based testing and ingesting proprietary non-standard data then mapping it to a specific analytic to create a Qlik Sense Dashboard on the fly. Overall, this session will cover: •Profiling data and leveraging data profiling tools •Data model optimization •Mapping non-standard data to a common data model for quick ingestion and creation of relevant dashboards. •Demonstrate dashboards that utilize mapped and manipulated data sets 45 mins
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